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Your Customers Are On The Go - Are They Leaving You On Their Desk?

If you are not offering your visitors a mobile-specific version of your website, you are likely losing customers. Even existing customers trying to contact you via a mobile device will find the desktop version of your site too cumbersome too use. Navigation is difficult, text is too small, and phone numbers are not clickable.

The needs and expectations of mobile users are different than those accessing your site via a desktop computer. Mobile users are on the go. They want speed, simplicity, readability, and actionable links. Mobile-specific design addresses these needs through clear navigation, improved readability, faster load times, more efficient contact methods, and 'one-handed' usability.

5150 Design can create for your visitors a quality mobile experience that accentuates your brand and expands your user base.

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Device Compatibility = Accessibility

Today's consumers access the internet from a variety of devices, from televisions and desktop computers to tablets and smart phones. These devices come equipped with different screen sizes, operating systems, and capabilities and in order to accommodate all users it is important that your online marketing addresses these various devices effectively.

If your current website takes too long to load on a mobile network, is too hard to read on smaller screens, or uses technologies not supported by mobile operating systems, you are losing customers.

Brand Image

Enhanced Brand Image

Creating a positive brand image is essential to your success and every single customer interaction should be viewed as an opportunity to impress. Providing mobile users with a quality mobile experience puts another feather in your cap.

According to a recent study 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. What do they think of brands that don't offer a quality mobile experience? They click the back button.

Mobile web access is growing at such a rate that eventually all successful businesses will have a mobile website, getting on-board now puts you ahead of the competition and helps promote a positive image for your brand.

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Improved Search Visibility

"To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users." - Posted in Webmaster Forums by Google's Yoshikiyo Kato and Pierre Far.

Google's long-held 'users first' philosophy has led them to begin taking the mobile experience into account when ranking websites. This means that the lack of a quality mobile experience may hurt your rankings. Google believes (as we do) that offering device specific versions of your website improves user experience and improved user experience leads to higher rankings, greater engagement, and more conversions.

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User Engagement

Greater User Engagement

"40% of online adults start an activity on one device and finish on another." - Source: Econsultancy

So, what happens to the user who visits your website on their desktop computer and then switches to their smartphone? Are they going to be disappointed, or are they going to remain engaged?

A mobile specific website ensures that visitors enjoy a quality experience regardless of the device they are using and quality of experience ensures greater engagement. Don't lose potential customers because of a poor mobile experience! Show them that you value their patronage by offering them a device-specific website.

Increase Conversions

Increased Conversions

As a business owner you understand that the more conversion opportunities you present to your customers the greater your chances for conversions. Insuring that your customers are able to access your website on multiple devices and screen sizes helps to insure that you are taking advantage of every opportunity.

Having a mobile specific website associated with your primary web properties not only gives you greater access to more than 1.2 billion mobile users, it also improves your search visibility - creating still more opportunities for conversions.