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Professional Code Development - Where Quality Matters

As a business owner you probably never think about the source code that defines your website. And why should you - you are not a web developer, you're a business owner and you have plenty of other things to worry about. But, the fact is - quality matters where your source code is concerned.

The source code that defines your website is like the foundation that supports your home - the more solid that foundation, the sturdier the home. Clean, uncluttered, and standards compliant code provides a solid foundation for your website and helps to insure trouble-free operation for years to come - no easy task in a World of ever-evolving technologies.

5150 Design can evaluate your source code to determine if there is room for improvement and make recommendations on how to improve load times, usability, cross-browser compatibility, and search visibility.

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Website Builders

Site Builder Syndrome

The lure of free site-builder technologies can be very tempting to the small business owner looking to establish a presence online; so tempting in fact, that millions of small business owners sign-up every single year.

The unfortunate reality is that drag and drop site builders have a terrible reputation for producing shoddy, bloated code that is slow to load, fails miserably in cross-browser testing, and leaves your company nowhere to be found in search.

If your website was built using one of these technologies and you now realize your mistake, 5150 Design can help! We can re-code your site using standards-based, platform independent code that will allow you to change hosts, gain visibility, and convert visitors into leads - you know, all that stuff you thought that free website was going to do for you.

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Platform Independence - Breaking Free

Platform independence means different things to different people. A software developer, for instance, likely views platform independence as a software's ability to perform on any computer system regardless the operating system.

When we speak of platform independence with regard to your website's source code we are referring to its ability to be hosted on any platform. Because we develop websites using standards-based web languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, etc. our websites can be hosted on any server, anywhere in the World.

This means that you will never be locked in to a contract with some unscrupulous hosting provider, you will never have to download, upload, or install a proprietary software, and you will never be held hostage by your web development company.

Responsive Web Design

Cross-Browser Compatibility

One of the most challenging aspects of web development is creating sites that render as expected across an array of different browsers, screen sizes, and operating systems; each with their own set of requirements and capabilities.

While most modern web browsers are capable of rendering even poorly written HTML, some coding errors can cause significant issues for some users. Different browser/OS combinations will handle non-standard coding differently, thereby creating inconsistencies across platforms.

Using standards-based, interoperable markup and CSS helps to insure a consistent, quality experience for all users, regardless the device or software used to access your website.

SEO Port Charlotte

Search Optimization

Over the years there has been much debate with regard to the role that your website's mark-up plays in search visibility. We're here to set the record straight.

We perform on-site SEO services for hundreds of small business websites every year and the vast majority of our time is spent editing source code. The fact of the matter is that aside from copywriting, source code optimization is the second most important aspect of on-site SEO. It is the only view the search-bots have of your website and it is where you are obliged to communicate with them.

Anyone telling you that your source code has nothing to do with your search visibility is telling you a pack of lies.

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Clean Code

Future Proofing

The World Wide Web is a virtual breeding ground of new technologies. Open source communities are forever evolving web design and development practices in an ongoing effort to improve user experience and deliver information in more creative and efficient ways.

The value of standards-based languages can not be overstated in the ever evolving World of web development. Using standards based languages as the foundation for your website helps insure that your site will stand the test of time and be more easily updated when the time comes.