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On-Site SEO - The Foundation of Search Visibility

If there is one aspect of search optimization that remains constant it is the fact that solid on-site SEO is the foundation of search visibility. A well-optimized website is the very first step in achieving a strong presence in search, and a strong search presence is what drives traffic to your website.

Google and other search engine providers are constantly updating their algorithms in an effort to combat unscrupulous optimization practices and provide more relevant returns to their users. And while the evolution of these algorithms has significantly altered the off-site SEO landscape, the basics of on-site SEO remain relatively unchanged.

Properly optimized metadata, clean concise code, topical, purpose-driven content, effective use of textual hierarchies, and intelligent internal linking strategies are just a few of the tools we use to help put you at the top of search results.

If your website is built by 5150 Design, you can rest assured that your on-site SEO is top-notch. If you have an existing website that is doing poorly in search, we can perform a one-time, on-site optimization to help get you to that coveted first page.

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Speaking The Language of Search

The metadata on your web pages is your first opportunity to communicate with the search-bots. These data sets are a vital aspect of on-site SEO and allow you to deliver important information to web browsers, search engines, and social media platforms. Knowing how to properly encode this data can significantly enhance your visibility in search.

While metadata has been around since the advent of the internet, new data sets and search algorithms have changed the way these tags are used. Unfortunately, many people (even web developers) fail to take full advantage of these assets.

5150 Design can help insure that your metadata sets are fully optimized for search, social media, and end users.

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Textual Hierarchies - One Key To On-Site SEO

Knowing how to effectively utilize textual hierarchies is one of the keys to strong on-site SEO. Using header tags, paragraph tags, and link descriptions appropriately not only improves readability, but also better informs the search engines with regard to your page's intent.

5150 Design's content development services help insure that your textual content is properly formatted in an effort to improve both user experience and search visibility.

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Optimizing Images For Speed And Search

Using imagery to enhance user experience, provide visual cues, and impart information is a proven marketing technique that dates back long before the advent of the internet. Optimizing your images for faster load times and greater search visibility is an essential aspect of their use.

What does image optimization entail? Image optimization is more than intelligent use of 'alt' attributes; it involves selecting the most efficient format, cropping images to the proper size, and preloading images where appropriate.

5150 Design's on-site search optimization services will help insure that your images not only add aesthetic value, but also add value for your visitors - search spiders included.

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The Need For Speed

Site speed is an essential element of on-site SEO. Insuring that your website loads quickly improves user experience and earns points in the eyes of the search engines.

There are many things that can slow your website down. Re-sizing images, bloated code, on page and inline style declarations, excessive server calls, and render-blocking files - just to name a few.

5150 Design's approach to web development involves the elimination of these site-slowing elements and insures that your website is lightning fast.

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Internal Linking Structure

While it may sound complicated, the phrase 'internal linking structure' simply refers to the way in which visitors access information on your website. Having a well thought out internal linking structure makes it easier for visitors (and search engines) to navigate your website, improving user experience and search visibility.

Google has made it abundantly clear that the use of breadcrumbs, HTML sitemaps, and active/visited link designations help to create a quality user experience and a quality user experience is what both you and Google want to provide to visitors.

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Content Optimization

Content optimization is an essential aspect of the content development process, and when done correctly can have a positive impact on user experience, conversion rates, and search rankings.

Optimized content is written and organized in such a way as to improve readability, promote keywords and phrases, and lead visitors to perform certain tasks (i.e. make a purchase, or fill-out a form) - all of these things create greater authority for your website and in turn, improve search rankings.

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