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Social Media Management

Choosing A Launch Platform

The social media landscape is vast, encompassing everything from industry forums and review sites to online directories and Facebook business pages. There are literally hundreds of social soapboxes from which to promote your brand, and each requires a different approach to manage it effectively.

Not all social media platforms are appropriate for all businesses and some platforms are particularly effective for certain types of businesses. Determining which platforms are most appropriate for your business is the first step toward launching your social media program.

5150 Design can help guide you in choosing the right strategy for your business and implement it for you.

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Facebook Administration

Building Social Profiles

While setting-up your personal Facebook page may have been easy enough, creating a strong social presence for your business can be a bit more challenging. Like your website, your social media profiles need to present your company in the best possible light, and they need to be optimized for both search and conversions.

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Manta, and others provide highly visible platforms on which to present and promote your business. Knowing how to take advantage of these promotional channels can significantly enhance your bottom-line.

5150 Design can help you create highly polished, fully optimized social profiles to help promote your brand - and we can manage them for you!

Custom Facebook Pages

Social Media = Interactive Media

Social Media is interactive and interaction requires presence. This means that you need be where your customers are and you need to be there when they are there.

People quickly lose interest in social interactions if they feel they are being ignored and failure to recognize their contribution to your social activity says very bad things about your brand. It is important that you respond to comments in a timely manner, publicly recognize new 'Likes' and 'Follows', show appreciation for positive reviews, and quickly address negative input.

The time sensitive nature of social media engagements can be very difficult for businesses to manage efficiently. You are literally 'on call' 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 5150 Design's Social Media Management Service is designed to relieve you of this responsibility.

Reputation Management

Opinions Matter!

The value of the positive review is well established and the number of consumers accessing online review sites continues to rise. However, while the number of online reviews a business has still carries weight with most consumers, the number of reviews they are likely to read has fallen.

As consumers become more trusting of user generated reviews their need to read multiple reviews diminishes. This means that managing your online reputation and addressing negative reviews quickly and effectively is now more important than ever.

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Online Reviews

Turning Fans Into Brand Ambassadors

The real value of social media is the fact that it is social. The ability of participants to link, share, and recommend content on social media platforms is unprecedented and affords your business a unique opportunity to turn fans into ambassadors of your brand.

Presenting unique, informative, and/or entertaining content via your social media posts leads to greater user engagement and can encourage your fan base to share your content with their circle of friends. Their friends, in turn, may then share your content with others creating an ever-growing audience for your brand.

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Wow Them With A Killer Website

Your website is the flagship of your online properties and the real goal of your social media activities is to drive more traffic to it. Getting them there is only half the battle - you have to 'WOW' them when they arrive.

5150 Design can help you to develop a website that not only 'WOWs' your visitors, but engages, informs, and converts them into paying customers.

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