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Port Charlotte Web Design

We Build Websites That Build Small Businesses

Let's face it, you are not looking for a website, you are looking for a web presence. You want more than a beautifully designed website, you want a site that is fully optimized for search, mobile friendly, cross-browser compatible, and capable of converting visitors into leads. You want a website that will build your business.

5150 Design's holistic approach to web design is geared toward achieving these goals. With built-in on-site SEO, professional copywriting, and uber-clean code, your new website will provide a solid foundation for growing your business online!

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Search Freindly Web Design

On-Site SEO - Built Right In!

We begin formulating an on-site SEO strategy for your website early in the web development process. We have already selected keywords, planned their use, and vetted your competition before we even build your demo.

We approach every aspect of the development process with search visibility in mind. From page naming conventions and link descriptions, to header tags and copywriting, search optimization is an integral part of the web design and development process.

This approach saves our clients hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in future SEO costs and helps insure that their site achieves high search placement right out of the gate.

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Professional Content Development

Professional Content Development

Of all the many elements that comprise a great website, quality content is far and away the most important. Poor content will adversely affect user experience, search rankings, and conversions - you have got to get it right!

Quality content is key to your website's success. Not only does your content need to be well-written, it needs to be properly formatted, informative, and organized with intent and purpose. Your website copy needs to be written with both end users and search engines in mind, and it must be grammatically correct, relevant, and engaging.

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Mobile Website Design Port Charlotte

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Web Design

Today's consumer is on the go. In 2012 alone mobile internet searches quadrupled, with an estimated 12 billion annual searches and that figure is growing at an astonishing rate. You can not afford to neglect these consumers.

At 5150 Design we build websites with responsive design techniques that insure that your website displays as expected on mobile phones and tablets giving you a competitive edge in the growing mobile market.

We can even develop for you a mobile specific website that will offer mobile users a customized experience specifically geared toward their device.

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User Friendly Web Design

Converting Visitors Into Customers

The goal of any website is to encourage visitors to act. Whether you want them to request a quote, download a white paper, or make a purchase, your website must lead them to take the steps necessary to achieve a pre-determined goal.

Compelling headlines, strong value propositions, effective calls to action, and a streamlined user experience are all common elements of websites with high conversion rates and profitable owners.

5150 Design can analyze your existing website to help determine why it is failing to convert visitors into leads, and help you to improve your conversion rates with proven design elements.

Hand-Coded Websites

Valid, Platform Independent Code

Clean code matters. Clean, concise code helps insure faster load times, cross-browser compatibility, and ease of revision - all resulting in a better user experience and improved search visibility.

Platform independent code means that your website does not rely upon any third-party softwares or platforms - it is built entirely using standardized languages to insure cross-platform compatibility. Unlike sites developed on(or for) a particular site-builder software or proprietary CMS, your website can be hosted virtually anywhere.

In addition, because we use valid, standards-based coding any competent web developer should be capable of making edits and revisions. You need not worry about finding a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal developer, because your site is built using standards-based HTML and CSS3.

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Website Analytics

Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Google's Webmaster Tools and Analytics are two of the most useful tools available to help you understand how search engines and visitors interact with your site.

Understanding visitor behavior is important to your bottom-line and Google Analytics provides an excellent platform to help you achieve this.

The information gathered here will shape your site's content, keyword selection, imagery, calls to act, and navigation, not to mention the overall look and feel of your pages.


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